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We have been present in the food industry for 30 years. In our daily work we prove that our motto "Giving flavor to life" is not an empty slogan. An emotional, friendly, and committed attitude of all employees toward the company are the foundation of our work. Thanks to a proper balance of priorities in our lives, our work is a pleasure. Such commitment and our joint efforts in daily achievement of objectives set by the Management Board make it possible to keep the highest standards of operation of the company. We know that Promar's spectacular growth is the result of our enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work.

We believe we contribute to our customer's success. Promar's stability guarantees to our customers repeatability and access to unique knowledge. We strive to be an inspiration in challenges and in appropriate and, at the same time, creative approach to business.

As a partner of leading global brands, we ensure comfortable cooperation with the best suppliers. We provide solid technological advice and assistance at every stage of performance of projects.

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