The R&D Division comprises four departments: an Application Center, a Flavor Additives Development Department together with an Academy of Taste, a Functional Blends Development Department, and a Special Blends Development Department.
The R&D Division team is passionate about dealing with its everyday challenges. Process engineers and specialists in the field of taste creation and designing of new solutions based on current market trends create new products. All departments work together to develop and test ideas so that the results of their work meet customers' expectations as fully as possible. Most of their work is a “tailor-made” offer customized according to the customers' orders and adapted to the process capabilities of the customers’ machinery. Regardless of that, the R&D Division spends a large part of its time creating its own original solutions. On the basis of research on trends in the Polish and European markets, new products are created and tested, and are presented to customers during special presentations together with the production technology.
Thanks to the inclusion of the Application Center and the Academy of Taste in the structure of the division, customers can assess the effects of development work by trying to produce finished products in the same final form as the one that they will produce and offer in the market.