The Poly-clip System company is more than machines and service. Our offer includes a very broad range of clips and loops.

Clips are available in over 400 different color, profile, and hardness versions.

They ensure the highest quality and hardness, which translates into wear of the machine and, consequently
into comprehensive cost savings.

Only original Poly-clip System clips have a protective Safe-coat which ensures the highest level of production hygiene.

Production of clips is subject to the most stringent quality requirements, certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. For many years, PCS products have been certified by the Fresenius Institute.

The products in this category are divided into:

  • S clips
  • R clips
  • R-ID clips
  • loops

Characteristics of the different types of materials::

  • S clips - clips available in bands or spools for semi-automatic clipping machines
  • P clips - plastic clips for safe packaging of bags and nets
  • R clips - clips intended for automatic clipping machines
  • R-ID clips - the latest generation of clips, intended for automatic clipping machines
  • loops - our products include 80 types of loops of different length and thickness,
    and a broad selection of available colors