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For poultry products

For the poultry products group, we recommend products of the Proaroma and Promasol brands: meat flavors of poultry, ground meat, and canned meat profile, flavor and space mixtures with natural spices and spice extracts, and complete functional solutions that ensure products of excellent structure.


Advantages for the customer:
  • strong, decisive flavors and aromas
  • existent consistency of the bar and binding of the product
  • products intended for slicers
  • durable and excellent color of the product

  • block product, medium- and coarse-minced
  • coarse-minced sausages
  • tinned hams

  • no glutamate
  • no allergens
  • low dosing of preparations
  • limited quantity of E additives
  • high final productivity
  • excellent binding and hard consistency of the finished product
  • stable and repeatable end product

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