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For smoked meats

A unique range of glazes for smoked meats that give a beautiful gloss, color, and flavor to products. Our offer also includes ready flavors, such as plum, cherry, and honey, as well as bases for creation of any flavor requested by the customer. The Smoked Meats product group also includes MIM, which is a new generation of brines for injection in smoked meats using the Meat in Meat technology. This technology significantly improves the quality of the finished product by making it fleshier. The PROMASOL MIM PROMAR brine group includes complete brines for injection of single pork, poultry and beef elements in the range of 10% to 130%.

Products from the Smoked Meats group are made under the Promasol and Proaroma brands.


Advantages for the customer:
  • possibility to easily enlarge the product range
  • improved attractiveness of the finished product
  • interesting range of offered flavor profiles
  • MIM:
  • reduced production costs
  • greater fleshiness of the product
  • reduction of functional agents
  • higher production output
  • utilization of fine meat

  • ham
  • bacon
  • tenderloins
  • smoked ham
  • traditional smoked meats, medium-output, high-output
  • coarse-minced block products

  • without artificial flavor enhancers
  • without artificial colorants
  • limited quantity of E additives
  • low dosing of preparations
  • excellent aroma
  • excellent appearance
  • appropriate tenderness and juiciness
  • stable and repeatable product
  • high final productivity

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