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Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the food industry, we know how important it is to properly taste life. It requires from all of us an emotional and friendly attitude toward our company. Personal commitment and a life balance of all employees of Promar make our daily work a pleasure. The commitment of our employees, their efforts to maintain the highest customer service standards, and their creativity, combined with the vision of growth defined by the Management Board, have enabled the spectacular growth of our company. This enthusiasm can be sensed and it definitely translates into excellent relations with our customers and business partners.

We feel that we contribute to the success of our customers by providing them on a daily basis with our stability, repeatability, and access to unique knowledge. We strive to inspire them with enthusiasm, creativity, and constant hunger for challenges.

As a partner of leading global brands, thanks to our long experience and our advanced technologies, we guarantee convenient cooperation with us as a solid supplier and provide professional process advice and assistance at every stage of the project.

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In the first period of its existence, Promar specialized in machines for the meat processing industry. In the 30 years of its existence, its product portfolio has grown and evolved. Today, Promar's very wide portfolio of machines, additives, and spices includes products for all sectors of the food industry. The comprehensive selection of additives includes, in addition to natural spices (traditional, sterilized, cryomilled, homogenous, and mixtures), various functional additives, breading systems, glazes, brines for injection, alginate casings, natural casings, clips, and clamps. Promar sells and services machines of leading European manufacturers, intended for various branches of the food industry. The design department, in close cooperation with customers, is able to select proper machines or create production lines for any, even the most unusual, conditions and expectations.


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